Adding a Unique Stair Bannister to Your Home

Your stairs lead you to the upper side of your house. Therefore, it is essential to ensure they are well maintained to ensure the safety of the people living with you and enhance the aesthetics of the rest of your style. Adding a railing to the stairs can be a great idea to make them look beautiful and improve the safety of the people in the home. If you are thinking of doing this, here are simple tips to help you.

Add Wooden Banisters

Wood has its unique style and versatility when it comes to design. So, adding wooden railings can be a perfect way of adding luxury to the staircase. The best thing is that there are numerous styles to choose from. Go for bespoke joinery manufacturers in Nottingham. They will design and manufacture the best handrails to meet your needs.

Add Color

Another thing you can do to make the railing unique is to add color. So, after adding the banisters, consider adding colors by painting them. Freshen up your home with new and colored railings that match the rest of the style. Think of how you can DIY or call professionals to do the job. Make it vibrant with colorful spindles and ensure the color matches with other parts of the house.

Add Two Tones for More Luxury

Add luxury to the banisters by including two tones. Wooden oak stair rails with ebony stains and white spindles may be there to stay. The reason is that they make a home look luxurious and add depth to the style. It is an inexpensive way of giving your home an elegant look.

Go Horizontal

Banisters don’t need to be vertical, even though this style is popular. You can go for horizontal banisters to make the place look more modern. However, it may be best to keep the spindles vertical if you have children who climb to keep them safe.

Keep it Simple

Doing less on your stairs is better for the makeover. You can go for unembellished banisters to maintain a simple and classic look. Keeping it simple is an excellent way of keeping your home fresh and giving your home a contemporary simplicity.

Add Glass

Find out how to add glass to the railings to bring in more light and elegance. Glass banisters make the space look larger, classy, and cleaner. Even though glass requires frequent cleaning and caution, especially if you have kids, it adds luxury to your living space. Look for simple cleaning tips to keep the glass clean all the time.

Beautiful with Brackets

Adding brackets to the railings to make them look more beautiful is also a good idea. When you add frames, you add luxury to the staircases, especially if the spindles are new. Going for metallic paint to embellish the home can also be a great idea.


We hope this article will significantly help if you consider adding unique stair banisters. Look for different styles to make your living space more vibrant. Make sure you also include professionals for customized joineries for the stairs.

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