Techniques That One Can Use To Clear Blocked Drains?

Blocked drains are a common problem that one can face on a day to day basis all around the world. One should be prepared for blocked drains, as they can strike when its least expected. Although, if the drains are left untreated, it can create other sanitation and cleanliness issues. Some blocked pipes can even lead to the bursting of the drains and can damage the home or residential facility. The cost for treatment after the pipe bursts is much more than a cure for a blocked drain. Here are some of the options you can use to get rid of clogged drains.


Hydro jets are one of the most powerful methods to unblock toilet workings. The hydra jet method works by using water under high pressure to clean the drains. The high pressure of the water easily cuts down any dirt that might be blocking the drains. The pressure created will force the blockages, which will lead to clear and smooth water flow. The hydra jet method is much safer than the pipe snaking method. However, the hydra jet way is ineffective for solid blockages. Some multiple companies and startups offer the service of hydro jets at affordable prices and are also good at their work.

Pipe Snaking And CCTV

The snaking method is the most appropriate method for solid and severe blockages. The end of the cable has a rotating lot that spins rapidly and cuts its way through the drains until the drains get cleared. The backup has to be near the opening of the gutters. Otherwise, the snake pipe would not be able to chip through the tube. To unblock drains Chobham, one can buy a snake pipe at their nearest hardware stores. Or another option is to hire a licensed plumber that will do the work for you in no time.


The excavation technique is used in extreme conditions to unblock drains Chobham when the drains require full excavation. In situations where the drain is entirely blocked with solid substances, and no other method seems sound, in such cases, excavation is the only way possible. A plumber will identify the secured drain area where the excavation has to be done. After digging the soil around the pipe, the plumber can decide if its needs to be repaired or replaced. After restoring the line, the plumber can fill the ground back around the drains. This method is complicated, making it appropriate to leave it for a licensed plumber.

Plunger Or Cleaner

One can use a plunger, boiling water, or chemical cleaner methods for common blockages like hair, food, or other jams. These methods are more user friendly and can be used to unblock toilets woking without the help of a plumber. Chemical cleaners and boiling water are not helpful for solid and hard blockages. Also, one has to be very careful while working with chemical cleaners and boiling water. The boiling water can be used for ceramic or metal pipes as boiling water can affect PVC’s state, making it looser.

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