What Are Some Reasons For Blocked Drains, And How To Treat Them?

Of all the reasons you get to call a plumber, blocked drains are one. Blocked sinks are the reason behind blocked drains that cause a foul smell and poor water flow. However, when the issues get worse, the conditions of gutters worsen, causing severe blocked drains. The untreated blocked drains seem to cause multiple problems related to sanitation and cleanliness in the house. The blocked drains can even cause bacteria and insects to grow, affecting your health. So if you want to get unblock drains Sittingbourne in your home or business facility are blocked, then it’s time to get them cleaned.

Cause Of Blocked Drains

Although people don’t damage their drains, it can happen very quickly. The damage to the gutters or the blocks can be created by everyday things we do in our daily lives.

Toiletries And Foreign Objects

Often, people tend to flush or dispose of baby wipes, diapers, and sanitary pads in the toilet or the open drains. The disposal of such objects can cause the gutters to be blocked, affecting the water flow. Especially when you have kids, the chances of dumping unnecessary things down the lane increases, which causes the blocked drains.

Hair, Soaps And Other Objects

The most common reason behind a blocked drain is hair. The hairs tend to form clumps which then when they flow through the lines, create a blockage and affect the water flow. Soaps may not be a reason to block drains, but soap bars tend to simulate water flow and get stuck in the line. Other objects affecting the unblock toilets Sittingbourne are tree roots, debris, and animal litter.

How To Clear Blocked Drains?

The cleaning process of drains depends on the severity of the blockage and the type of blockage. The most common remedy that people use involves boiling water; chemical cleaner is not helpful for solid and severe blockages. In such situations where the bottlenecks are severe and reliable, these methods can be used by a licensed plumber.

Drain Snake

The plumber will use a wire which is used to unblock toilets Sittingbourne. The end part of the wire will have a rotating coil stuck at the end, spinning in the drains. The pipe will chip until the drains get cleared and cleaned. Although, the snake pipes have a limited range and are most effective for the shower pipes.


Hydro-jets force a powerful stream of water into the pipe, and the pressure created by the water tends to clear out the solid substances stuck inside the tube. The plumber can use two types of water to unblock drains Sittingbourne for hydro-jet, in which hot water hydro jets tend to work the best. It is better to get this job done by a licensed plumber rather than yourself.


The excavation technique is used in the utmost condition with a severely blocked drain. A plumber will identify the site of the blockage and will then excavate the pipe. After the excavation, the plumber will fill up the earth around it.

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