What Is A CCTV Drain Survey?

Drainage assets like sewers, culverts, and other underground drainage systems can now be safely and quickly inspected with the help of high-tech equipment. A CCTV drain survey examines drainage systems remotely and records video footage and other helpful information using a camera system. CCTV drainage surveys, for example, can explore soil bundles, rainwater tailpipes, and industrial operations pipe storage tanks. Check out the London CCTV drain survey for all drain survey needs.

How Do Surveys By CCTV Work?

Data is gathered without potentially hazardous confined space entry methods thanks to CCTV drainage surveys, which use remote access technology. Planned preventative maintenance (PPM) programs can’t function without CCTV drainage surveys, which help asset owners control costs and avoid costly drain and pipe failures.

  • These tools investigate drain and sewer issues, such as obstructions, reduced flow velocity, and contamination incidents.
  • Contractors can design drainage systems that comply with regulatory requirements because they can identify drain connectivity.
  • Building contractors can use CCTV surveys to conduct pre-adoption condition inspections of drainage assets before handing them over to their clients.
  • Such materials would be beneficial for all types of pipe repairs and replacements.

The Use Of CCTV Cameras And Water Jetting For Drain Inspection And CCTV Drain Survey:

Typically, a jet vac tanker delivers high-pressure water jetting for pipe cleaning during a London CCTV drain survey. To avoid this, a pipe may be filled with debris and material such as silt and stones and roots from trees (FOG). First, the material must be removed so that CCTV cameras can travel up the pipe and record sharp pictures of the tubing, which can eventually be used to evaluate its status.

What Are The Benefits Of A CCTV Drainage Survey To Check The Pipes And Drains?

Locating The Clogs

It is possible to use CCTV drainage cameras to locate blockages in pipes and determine the best way to clear them. It’s possible to capture before and after footage to demonstrate that the work was completed and the line is clean and in good working order.

In-Depth Examinations Of The System’s Entire Infrastructure

CCTV cameras can conduct asset condition surveys or drain and sewage system inspections as part of a PPM program. It may not necessitate recording comprehensive drainage survey results or completing full Video surveillance survey reports to save time and money.

Support Benefits

Customers can use the data obtained from CCTV drainage surveys to plan urgent pipe repairs or rehabilitation or support a preventative maintenance program (PPM).

  • The drainage system’s detailed map includes critical assets such as utility holes and surface water drains.
  • The measurement system to identify pipe length in meters.
  • It helps the engineers understand the system’s flow rate.
  • HD-quality video shows where the pipe defects are located in the London CCTV drain survey.

Data can be gathered using other methods during a CCTV drain survey. These are some examples:

  • 3D Mapping
  • GPS Surveys
  • Tracing Of Drains Using Sound
  • Topographical Surveys

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