Summer Garden Landscaping Ideas for 2023

Summer is a beautiful season. It is sunny, flowery, and the best time to spend outdoors. Summer is also the best time to revamp the garden you have ignored. Therefore, if you are interested in improving the landscape of your garden, here are some ideas trending in 2023 you can try.

Try Drought-Tolerant Plants

As years go by, summer seasons are becoming hotter and drier as the lack of water gets frequent. This has raised a landscaping trend of planting tough and drought-resilient plants. Such plants provide color throughout the year. So, consider adding such plants to maintain a colorful garden throughout the year.

Try Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardening is another landscaping idea on trend this summer. It is becoming popular because of how it lightens up the outdoors. The idea is even better for people with limited garden space, like a condo owner. With commercial landscaping in the West Midlands and vertical gardening, you can swamp up the space and add greenery and more plants. Vertical gardening also provides privacy if you can use the plants on the fence.

Add Enough Mulch

More mulch is also increasing in gardens in 2023. Because of the hot weather, ensuring the soil can retain enough water or moisture for the plants will be a good idea. So, think about dressing the surfaces more to help keep moisture. This way, the plants will be more resistant to changing climatic conditions. You can use recycled materials like crushed concrete, fruit pits, or nut shells.

Add Color to the Garden

You are going to see many colorful gardens in 2023. If you are used to seeing dusty green, muted, and soft greens, expect something more colorful and joyful this year. Apart from planting for color, people are also growing with a purpose. For example, they are looking for coneflower, sunflower, and other plants with more benefits.

Plant Allergen-Friendly Plants

Flowers are beautiful in the garden, but pollen can cause various issues like allergies. People no longer want to keep visiting their doctors because of allergies. That is why there is a lot of interest in planting allergen-friendly plants to reduce the amount of pollen at home. You can go for lavender, snake plants, spider plants, and English ivy for improved air quality and fewer allergy cases.

Try Maximalism 

Even though maximalism is mainly used in interior design, it also has its place on the outside. Today, maximalist trends rely more on texture, color, and volume. It is about designing a landscape that is vibrant and fun. So, focus on layered hills and a tropical garden accompanied by handmade tiles.

Bee-Friendly Landscaping

Another popular garden landscaping idea in 2023 is bee-friendly landscaping. Today, people are attuned to being environmentally friendly and have noticed the importance of saving bees. They are going for flowers encouraging bees like lilacs, lavender, and daisies.


These are garden landscaping ideas you can try this summer. Make your garden more beautiful and vibrant by going through al the fantastic choices and choosing what works best for you. Remember to plant with a purpose and consider your space and style.

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